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November 20, 2018
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ARPA partners with TacitKey to elevate and promote regulatory professionals in Asia

ARPA-TacitKey partnership

ARPA-TacitKey partnership

We are proud to announce our partnership with ARPA


TacitKey is partnering with the Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA) in order to help them raise the standard of regulatory professionals in Asia. Following is the excerpt from the press release:




TacitKey enables ARPA members to publish and monetize their knowledge of regulatory affairs in Asia. Regulatory professionals can create their knowledge legacy on TacitKey and inspire their peers by organizing webinars as well as training courses.


Singapore, January 8, 2019:

ARPA – Asia Regulatory Professional Association aims to raise the standard and professional recognition of over 3,500 regulatory professionals in Asia since 2010.


ARPA has partnered with TacitKey to enable their members to publish articles on regulatory affairs in Asia, exchange good practices through an exclusive community, organize forums to connect government, industry, and academia, as well as offer certificate courses.


“ARPA is proud to partner with TacitKey to bring critical Asia regulatory knowledge globally. Understanding the Asia regulatory requirement is the top challenges to many companies and researchers. We aim to make this information free of charge and open for all to access and contribute by informing us any update require,” said Jack Wong, the Founder and Secretariat of ARPA.


ARPA has been working with an expert panel from government, industry, and academia to develop a database that summarises the requirements for Medical Device Registration, the approval time, and fee required. An email report for any country can be requested from the website – www.asiaregulatory.com. This database was transformed online by TacitKey as part of this strategic partnership.


“TacitKey is proud to partner with ARPA. We are enabling over 3,500 regulatory professionals who are members of ARPA to create their knowledge legacy and establish their thought leadership. Their inspiration through various tacit knowledge-based activities on TacitKey will facilitate knowledge transfer, idea exchanges, collaborations as well as increase their earnings,” said Ponarul A P, the Founder and CEO of TacitKey.


About ARPA

The Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA) was established in 2010 as a professional association committed to elevate and promote the regulatory affairs profession in Asian countries. It aims to raise the standard and social recognition of over 3,500 regulatory professionals in Asia.


ARPA offers certificate courses in Regulatory Affairs at more than 10 universities in Asia and provide trainings to regulators in more than 5 countries. ARPA has 2 major publications for training and sharing of good practices. ARPA organizes forums, where they bring together representatives from government, industry, and academia to share good practices.


For more information, please visit www.asiaregulatory.com

To join ARPA community on TacitKey, please visit www.tacitkey.com/community/asia-regulatory-professional-association


About TacitKey

Singapore based TacitKey enables professionals to create their knowledge legacy by publishing and monetizing their tacit knowledge. A professional’s tacit knowledge comprises of their insights, perspectives, opinions, and ideas. These are highly valuable, but are the least showcased.


Based on their tacit knowledge demonstrated through publications, peer-reviews, courses, webinars etc. TacitKey matches them with economic opportunities in the form of publishing, mentoring, or consulting. This helps them gain recognition as a thought leader in their industry and increase their earning potential as well.


Create your knowledge legacy today. Sign up on www.tacitkey.com



Mr Jack Wong, Founder and Secretariat, ARPA, jack.wong@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Chitra Rajakuberan, Chief Publishing Officer, TacitKey, press@tacitkey.com




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