TacitKey vs LinkedIn
TacitKey vs LinkedIn – A Comparative Analysis
March 8, 2019
Creating your knowledge legacy
Creating your knowledge legacy
March 22, 2019

Get Started On Your Thought Leadership Journey in 4 Steps

Get Started on Your Thought Leadership Journey in 4 Steps

Get Started on Your Thought Leadership Journey in 4 Steps

Thought Leadership Journey


Did you know that 80% of your knowledge is tacit knowledge?

Tacit knowledge is the most crucial resource that any professional has. Tacit knowledge includes your experiences, observations, and intuitions that you have garnered throughout your career.  


Who is a thought leader?

A thought leader or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is the ‘go-to-person’ in the industry, who is willing to share their expertise, provide innovative ideas, find solutions to challenges, and help in effective decision making.  

At some point of time, everyone – whether it be an individual, small business or large entity – may come to a point when they are unable to take action or make effective decisions. It is at this point that thought leaders step in and help generate ideas and solutions.


What is the relevance of thought leadership?

Thought leadership is about having the knowledge, experience and a futuristic view of a specific field. It is all about leveraging your extensive tacit knowledge to inspire and mentor your peers.

Showcase your knowledge to accelerate innovation and create an impact. Transform your thought leadership to create your knowledge legacy and guide upcoming thought leaders. Furthermore, gaining recognition as a global thought leader opens up a multitude of earning opportunities.

As the term ‘thought leadership’ implies, as an opinion leader with sound knowledge on topics within your domain of expertise, you can contribute your expertise to the community and help them make informed decisions.


Can anyone become a thought leader?

The answer is yes and no!

To become a thought leader, it is important to be well-informed and contribute your ideas and knowledge to your community. In addition, one needs to have prior experience in tackling situations and generating innovative solutions.

In layman terms, thought leaders have innovative ideas and turn these ideas into reality. What most of the people fail to grasp is that to become a successful thought leader, you have to let your audience know who you are and build your online presence.

If you feel that you have the required expertise and know-how, get started on your thought leadership journey and create your knowledge legacy today. Make a difference in your industry.


What are the steps involved in becoming a thought leader?


  1. Determine your niche expertise

To get started on your thought leadership journey, the first step is to determine your area of expertise. Analyze topics of your interests and determine what you want to be known for. Develop content that will spark your audience’s interest level and inspire them.


  1. Understand your audience

The second step in gaining recognition as a global thought leader is to understand what type of audience you want to reach out to. Choosing the right kind of content is crucial to connect with your audience and hence, be acknowledged as a thought leader.


  1. Showcase your expertise

Publish your tacit knowledge to showcase your expertise to effectively engage with your audience. With the advent of technology, online publishing has been made easier. You can now publish your vast knowledge in video, audio, or textual formats.

Typically, video-based as well as podcasts have a much higher visibility as well as traction amongst various audience segments. Hence, choose how you want to showcase your expertise – depending on your target audience as well as your niche, and build a global following.


  1. Engage with your audience

It is important to build your audience’s interest in the content you publish and share. To build this interest level, there are several metrics to keep in mind while building your content. One such important metric is to build an informative content for your audience that is beneficial for them to read and share.

Most of the successful content show higher metrics of audience interest level. Thus, it is imperative to do initial rounds of research to analyze and understand the topics your audience interested in.



Not everyone can easily become a thought leader, as the choice of what kind of knowledge you want to share and how you want to share is crucial. TacitKey is a great choice to showcase your tacit knowledge, as here, your expertise is validated and based on your ranking, you get connected with exclusive economic earning opportunities such as publishing, mentoring, professional speaking, and consulting.

In addition, you can publish your tacit knowledge to reach a global audience of professionals to accelerate your thought leadership journey and earn your knowledge legacy, while increasing your earnings.

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