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ARPA partners with TacitKey to elevate and promote regulatory professionals in Asia
January 9, 2019
Get Started on Your Thought Leadership Journey in 4 Steps
Get Started On Your Thought Leadership Journey in 4 Steps
March 15, 2019

TacitKey vs LinkedIn – A Comparative Analysis

TacitKey vs LinkedIn

TacitKey vs LinkedIn

TacitKey vs LinkedIn


Professional networking platforms have ushered in a new era that has completely revolutionized the way professionals communicate, establish connections, and do business on a daily basis. By empowering the professionals to promote themselves, they now have access to a multitude of opportunities to increase their earnings as well as upgrade their skills.



– Connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful

LinkedIn is one such popular platform that was launched in 2003, with the primary goal to become the game changers in the recruitment sphere. On LinkedIn, members can share articles to connect with one another as well as to increase one’s visibility.

Furthermore, businesses can share industry-related articles and pay to display advertisements, sponsored content, advertorials etc to increase their reach.


Advantages of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has many advantages and is the platform of choice for many professionals to network. LinkedIn has successfully managed to connect professionals with one another and give them a faster and easier way to establish their personal credibility by allowing members to share their skills and get them endorsed.

However, the million dollar question here is, as a professional, is that all you are looking for?


Limitations of LinkedIn

LinkedIn may just be too limiting for your future career needs and vision as an individual or a business.

  • Is your content reaching your intended audience?
  • Or, Are you simply another member of a community that is growing in numbers but maybe not in terms of quality content?
  • Are your knowledge and expertise being valued for what it is worth?
  • Or, Are you losing out on economic opportunities along the way?

The required time of investment required in terms of finding relevant content that is specifically targeted at you is grossly large. This makes you question if the effort put in is worth it, in the first place.

It is extremely time-consuming to build a quality network of relevant like-minded professionals on LinkedIn. In addition, since there are numerous members publishing content on LinkedIn under the same categories as you are.

Hence, there is unsurmountable competition for your work to reach your target audience and get the due recognition.

Therefore, in spite of gaining potential networking opportunities on LinkedIn, all the effort comes to naught, due to the overload of irrelevant or marketing content – within which, your exclusive and high-value content showcasing your expertise just gets lost.


To Think About

  • How many times have you wondered as to why your high-quality content reached only 1% of your network?
  • Why is that you rarely get to read on your feed what you are truly interested in?
  • How many times were you disappointed to read irrelevant professional updates and sales-driven content on your feed?




– Powering the tacit knowledge economy for professionals

TacitKey enables professionals to publish and monetize their tacit knowledge – which is personal, rare, valuable, and worth a lot.

Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that you have garnered over years of experience and it makes your ideas, opinions, perspectives, and insights about your industry far more valuable.

Did you know that about 80% of your knowledge is tacit in nature?

Due to the personal and unique nature of the tacit knowledge, it is more powerful than even your resume. However, it is the least showcased!

By enabling professionals to showcase their tacit knowledge, TacitKey helps to transform their thought leadership to create their knowledge legacy.  


Create your knowledge legacy

TacitKey features professionals from the Legal, Life Science, Finance, and Healthcare industries. On TacitKey, your unique published knowledge reaches a relevant global audience of your peers, which will, in turn, expand your reach, increase your earnings, and help establish you as an industry expert.

You can easily showcase your knowledge with a few clicks in various forms – such as audio notes, presentations, articles, video recordings from past conferences, webinars, etc.

Another key benefit of publishing on TacitKey is that you can even publish your existing articles, reports or videos, i.e., they need not be created de novo. As long as it is your own perspectives, insights, opinions, and ideas, you can publish them on TacitKey and inspire your peers.


Inspire your peers

You can create your own communities to engage with professionals who are interested in your tacit knowledge and share your works with them. You can also gather valuable insights to further your knowledge, offer inspiring courses to mentor your peers, and create your knowledge legacy.

At TacitKey, we firmly believe in Quality over Quantity. Having 1,000 connections on a professional networking site means very little if it does not translate into opportunities for you.

The tacit knowledge you publish is targeted at a relevant network of professionals globally, who can benefit from your insights and also provide peer-reviews to increase your credibility. This, in turn, motivates you to publish more, get endorsed by brands, inspire your peers, and mentor them, while availing of multiple earning opportunities.  


Increase your Earnings

TacitKey offers a freemium subscription model to earn more by publishing their tacit knowledge, mentoring professionals, getting their articles endorsed by top brands, peer-reviewing articles, offering online courses as well as events, and providing answers to important industry questions.

TacitKey enables sustained earnings while elevating your professional brand value. Establish your online reputation through TacitKey and get rewarded for your time and effort.



In this digital day and age, with the varied options one has, it is important to make a well-informed decision about how and where you should publish your unique knowledge, opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

It all comes down to how you can retain complete legal rights to your knowledge, how much your own industrial experiences and expertise will be valued and how you can avail of multiple opportunities to monetize the knowledge you have gained over many years – in the most effective way possible.


Get ahead on your thought leadership journey now. Get started by creating your profile for free at and start publishing your tacit knowledge. Reach a relevant audience of your peers globally to inspire them and increase your earnings. Create your knowledge legacy and accelerate your thought leadership journey!

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