Inviting Regulatory Affairs Influencers: Cybersecurity Focus
Inviting Regulatory Affairs Influencers: Cybersecurity Focus
May 27, 2019

Inviting Ophthalmology Influencers: AI Focus



About Insights from Influencer Series on TacitKey

‘Insights from Influencer’ series on TacitKey recognizes and showcases thought leaders. Share your insights and be part of our Influencer series. This video series will be promoted online on social media as well as TacitKey.


How do you participate?

Participating in the online video series is easy. Get started by installing the browser plugin from your desktop browser, when prompted and record your video interview. Please note that you can not record from your mobile device.

You can express your opinions or insights to as many questions as you want. Participate in more questions to increase your chances of being featured as a thought leader and build a global following.

Include your name and email address when you share your insights on the online video to ensure that you receive a copy of the video interview.


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Why should you participate?

  1. Build your personal brand
  2. Increase earnings
  3. Enhance online visibility
  4. Maximize impact
  5. Inspire your peers
  6. Gain recognition as an expert
  7. Establish your knowledge legacy

Upon completion of the video series, TacitKey provides you with the processed videos of the series, for you to share on your social media pages.


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What insights can you share?

Share your tacit knowledge on online video series in the form of your insights and opinions. Tacit knowledge includes mainly your experiences, intuitions, and observations that you have accumulated throughout your career.

Your tacit knowledge being highly unique as well as valuable, can inspire your peers and help establish your knowledge legacy.


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About Ophthalmology Edition: AI Focus

Ophthalmology Edition: AI Focus features the insights and opinions of influencers who are actively involved in the research, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases as well as ocular disorders.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the field of Ophthalmology by providing ophthalmologists with computerized automated tools for diagnosing as well as treating diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration. In addition to screening through a large number of data set, AI makes it easy to arrive at an effective and objective diagnosis, with minimal input from the clinician. This enables the ophthalmologist to evaluate a large number of patients with relative ease, thereby transforming the existing healthcare system itself. 


About TacitKey

TacitKey has been enabling over 100,000 healthcare professionals like you to reach a global audience of your peers and gain recognition as a thought leader. On TacitKey, you can publish talks from conferences, presentations, articles, and reports. Get your expertise validated and monetize your knowledge through brand endorsements, professional speaking, mentoring, and consulting opportunities. TacitKey enables professionals like you to fast-track your thought leadership journey while maximizing your income, influence, and impact.




Terms and Conditions

  • By participating in the online video series and recording your videos, you agree to have your account created on TacitKey and in addition, you agree to TacitKey terms and conditions.
  • TacitKey will provide you with a processed version of the video interview with TacitKey branding – in short, and long versions.
  • You agree to be featured on all TacitKey promotions of your videos and the videos will be published as Tacitworks on TacitKey.
  • Participation in this video interview is voluntary and there will be no compensation involved.



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