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How to use videos to build your professional community.

building an online community

The future of building your online community

Videos are the future of content strategy as most of the videos shared online have more audience engagement rate. According to a research by Insivia, in 2017, 74% of online video will account for online traffic and nearly two-thirds of audience prefer video content. Videos are often said to be the most preferred and beneficial content to build audience database. Let’s take a look at how videos can help in building your community.


Higher engagement among audiences

Most of your audiences prefer video content type and has become an imperative factor to include videos in your content to build your community. As per research, videos that are under 60 seconds have higher engagement rate. Know your audience and build your community by providing content that builds their interest rate and higher engagement level. It is essential to have videos as a part of your strategy.


Online channel for video content

Online channels are the most preferred when it comes to easy distribution of content and ideas. These channels generate good traffic as these platforms have over billion users and almost one-third of all people on the internet are active viewers.

While there is a subtle difference between generating traffic and building audience, each of these play a definitive role in defining the strategy and building your community.

When your audience come to your channel and check your video, chances are that they come back to your channel to check more of your video content if they provide value.


Content to be informative

Provide informative content to your audience. Every video content you develop should be targeted and narrowed down to reach a specific segment of your audience. Besides developing an informative video content, these should be simultaneously promoted across all channels. The more informative your video is, the more your video helps in building your community.

Distributing content to a newer set of audiences

Distribution of content is necessary to a newer set of audiences as it results in maximum reach and ensures the content gets more value by reaching out to more audience. One common strategy most marketers use is cross-promotion of your videos to build your audience. Reaching out to like-minded professionals builds their interest level in your content and thus helps in building your community. Content distribution to newer platforms and channels are important in building your audiences. Though most of the thought leaders know its importance, not many are thoroughly convinced to prioritize in the strategic plan.


Including your audience

To build a loyal, engaged community, you cannot see or call them as an audience but rather consider them as a part of your community. Audience inclusion plays a massive role in developing and growing a community on video platforms. One way to have them included is by giving live scenarios or quotes and facts by your community. You can also include your audience feedback as a part of your video strategy to build more interest and credibility. Although one should note that inclusion of audience backfires at times. While working on this strategy one should keep in mind the kind of audience they are reaching out to and the topic involved.

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