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Thought Leader : 4 ways to get recognised among your audience

Thought leadership strategy

To be a thought leader, it is important to be well-informed and contribute your ideas and knowledge to your community. As the term ‘thought leadership’ implies, they are opinion leaders with sound knowledge of the domain, contributing to the community as they are the go-to people, to make an informed decision in their field of expertise. In layman terms, they have trusted sources with innovative ideas in the domain, turning these ideas into reality and thus inspiring their groups with these ideas.

In thought leadership, the important aspect most of the thought leaders fail to imply is to build your online presence and let your audience know who you are.


Thought Leadership Strategy: 4 ways to get recognized as a thought leader

1. Determining the area of expertise

To know what type of content you want to develop, you need to determine your area of expertise. In an effort to be known to the audience, a thought leader may choose the wrong domain or expertise.  The first step in determining your area of expertise is to analyse the subjects of your interests and knowledge. After determining what you want to be known for, you need to develop a content and build audience’s interest level.

2. Understanding the type of content

The second step in getting recognized is to understand what type of audience you want to reach out. Content with visual elements, like infographics, work best for professionals in the financial domain as it is easy to interpret the data and analytics and also gives the readers an overall analysis. Other content types, like videos, suit best for professionals in the healthcare domain as the documentaries and surgical videos benefit those in the domain. Choosing the right kind of content is crucial to connect with your audience and hence be recognized as a thought leader.

3. To build audience’s interest level in your content

Once you exactly know your area of expertise and the type of content you want to use, next step to getting recognized is to build audiences’ interest levels. As per research, it is important to build your audience’s interest in the content you develop and share. To build this interest level, there are several metrics to keep in mind while building your content. One such important metric is to build an informative content for your audience that is beneficial for them to read and share. Most of the successful content show higher metrics of audience interest level. Thus it is imperative to do initial rounds of research to analyse and understand the topics your audience interested in.

4. Build your audience database

The final and most important step is to build your audience. The more informative and beneficial your content is the more your audience database grows. The content you develop will get value only if audience see and share it. Distribution of content to the target group is easy with social media platforms and tools available. There are also several tools and metrics to analyse if your content is reaching the right set of audience. You can build your engagement rate with these database.

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