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September 6, 2017
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How to use videos to build your professional community.
September 13, 2017

Why should individuals be a part of knowledge sharing platforms

knowledge sharing platforms

Why is tacit knowledge important?

There is a rising increase in the importance and need of knowledge transfer to improve the way modern professionals work. Knowledge sharing platforms play a crucial role in sharing and passing on the knowledge. Through knowledge transfer, it is not just about the transfer of information but also passing on experience, best practice and learning too. This combination, known as tacit knowledge, is difficult to articulate and record but invaluable for productivity. Most of the professionals seek and explore tacit knowledge sharing platforms to learn and share their domain of expertise.

What are tacit knowledge sharing platforms?

There are many communities and events on the rise for many groups of professionals to share and learn tacit knowledge. Professionals of the same domain can come together and learn and share about tacit knowledge using any of the platforms. Tacit knowledge sharing platforms help in building communities among professionals, where they engage, explore and learn about what’s new in their industry. For communities in the professional domain, it is more interesting for them to learn from peers and listen to their analysis and insight on subjects that matter to them the most.

Importance of being a part of knowledge sharing platforms

Tacit knowledge sharing need not necessarily be at organizations and corporates but also through different types of interactions like informal networking, unstructured work practices that encourage creative problem solving, learning new things in your domain and networking. Sharing of tacit knowledge also enables you to learn new things in your industry.

Building thought leadership

When a group of like-minded people gets together, it builds a community thus enabling to make an informed decision. When you have something to say about or an interesting insight into a topic you are well versed in, it makes you a thought leader in your field of expertise. Thought leaders have informed opinion leaders in a community. Building your community with like-minded people and professionals build thought leaders. When more professionals come together and talk about subject matters that interest them, it builds a community where more professionals reach to them for opinions and other views.

Events and conferences

Attending events and conferences also help in building community groups. When more people get together to build a group, it helps in building a community. Exploring such events and conferences helps you learn more about your domain and industry and reach out to your peers on latest updates and developments.

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