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August 18, 2017
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September 11, 2017

TacitKey is the official APP partner of IANCON 2017


The Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN) celebrates its Silver Jubilee (25’th annual) conference at the ITC Grand Chola, from Sep 7 to Sep 10. TacitKey is honored to be the official app partner of IANCON.

This prestigious conference is a joint association of IAN and AINA (Association of Indian Neurologists of America).

With astute guidance from an esteemed advisory, the conference program unfolds with some conceptually new and interesting talks by renowned national and international faculty.

As the app partner of IANCON, we help spike the efforts put forth by members of the conference in three most crucial ways.

View Livecast of all sessions

The app provides a livecast of all sessions happening at the conference. Doctors can virtually attend by signing up at TacitKey, a knowledge sharing portal that empowers them with live cast sessions from the conference. The livecast can also be used by attendees to watch any of the ongoing sessions at the other halls thereby virtually attending all sessions the conference has to offer.

Engage with fellow attendees

Being a part of the event on TacitKey, helps the participants connect with fellow attendees and discuss proceedings of the conference . TacitKey gives you a chance to meet and engage with Neurologists globally, with whom you can interact and share your tacit knowledge, engage on your work and monetise your content.

Respond to speaker polls

Participate in  polls conducted by the speakers on the platform. Respond and share your thoughts and insights. The polls are triggered whenever the speaker wants to engage with his audience..

Download TacitKey app – click here

To know more about the scientific programs launched during the IANCON 2017 conference, click on the link below.


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