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July 6, 2017
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July 26, 2017

Which Works Best? Tacit Knowledge or Explicit Knowledge Transfer

Tacit knowledge or explicit knowledge

In an organizational theory, knowledge transfer is categorically differentiated into tacit knowledge or explicit knowledge transfer. Today, our blog is going to help readers identify how they can differentiate between these two forms of knowledge and what works best.


Quite imperative, in the field of knowledge transfer, is to impart your imbibed knowledge to your juniors. Knowledge transfer is an archaic solution and is predominantly the ability to empowering peers and juniors in your domain.

Concisely, it is defined as a collaboration of like-minded individuals in an industry to help empower one another.

When it comes to transferring your knowledge, there exists a barrier between explicit and tacit knowledge transfer.

While explicit knowledge is straightforward, transferred quite literally via word of mouth, tacit knowledge transfer is still not interpreted in the right way, particularly since it takes time and effort, especially, in a highly dynamic and complicated environment.

This brings us back to the question in hand

Which Works Best? Tacit Knowledge or Explicit Knowledge Transfer

How are these knowledge transfer mechanisms being perceived?

These practices, in the longer run, are forever looked upon as mechanisms of knowledge transmission. However, not many realize that these two forms of knowledge transfer mechanisms can co-exist with each other.

For example, while explicit knowledge is quantified, tacit knowledge is immeasurable as it is more about your observation and experiences. Yet, when your derived explicit knowledge is mixed with your eye for detail and experience, you end up in providing thoughtful insights to peers and juniors.

Today, not many understand the thin line that differentiates these two forms of knowledge transfer mechanisms. Yet, there exists an urge to help people realize the value of these individual forms of knowledge transfer and the potential that lies behind them in establishing yourself as a thought leader in your domain.

How can these forms of knowledge transfer co-exist?

Quite a contrast to tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge transfer holds to the fact that knowledge is imparted to and via individuals. As a knowledge management practice, most organizations believe in the power of explicit knowledge transfer especially from seniors to juniors. Be it any form of the domain, sharing your explicit knowledge has now become imperative.

However, things are slowly taking a turn today. Today, with tremendous technological innovations gaining momentum in this fast-paced world, tacit knowledge transfer comes to rescue. Irrespective of the domain that you belong to, current trends are learned through experience, observation, word-out-mouth, and apprenticeship. This is precisely where tacit knowledge transfer is making a mark in the world today!

For instance, technology has given rise to new platforms like TacitKey, that allows you to share these experience through presentations, videos and papers on their portal. These evolved experiences are not just shared with peers, but with juniors too, with whom you can directly interact and collaborate through explicit knowledge transfer as well!

Today, platforms such as these are giving individuals an opportunity to brand themselves by collaborating both their tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge in order to help establish themselves as a thought leader.

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