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5 Ways To Empower Yourself and Others With Tacit Knowledge

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While a lot of professionals find it interesting to learn something new in their field, many don’t often realize that there is always, some form of knowledge, that is latent, waiting to be recognized. This is precisely what Tacit Knowledge is all about.

Tacit Knowledge: What is it all about?

An implied form of knowledge gained through intuition and experience but not openly expressed is what is called Tacit Knowledge.

Classical examples of Tacit Knowledge include a doctor’s intuition, decision-making skills of a stockbroker, identifying critical points for legal practitioners etc.

How can you empower yourself and others with your Tacit Knowledge?

Contemporary digital transformations have given rise to platforms that understand the power of leveraging Tacit Knowledge among fellow individuals. In fact, empowerment using Tacit Knowledge is a two-way process. You learn, as and when you educate and simultaneously empower your audiences too.

Given below are 5 key points that one must always remember while going about leveraging their Tacit Knowledge.

1. Share your TacitWorks with Peers and Juniors

Knowledge is an amalgam of tacit and explicit experiences you face in real-time. While explicit knowledge is evidently expressed, Tacit Knowledge usually, takes time to empower individuals. However, when this form of knowledge is shared, it can build a sense of awe among your peers that explicit knowledge can never achieve. Therefore, it’s imperative that one must choose the right platform to share their tacit knowledge.

2. Establish yourself as a Thought Leader

Being a thought leader is all about identifying yourself, your potential and how you can use your knowledge to empower fellow individuals. As a thought leader, your statements, conversations, and opinions have an influential decision-making power over your audiences. Therefore, by being part of knowledge sharing platforms, sharing works that are worth empowering peers and establishing contacts who look up to your knowledge and experience is important if you aim to be a thought leader in your domain.

Our infographic below gives you five crucial elements of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your domain. Take a look and share your opinions in the comment section below.



3. Build your Personal Community of Knowledge Seekers

Your personal community of knowledge seekers should be a combination of peers and juniors who take time and effort to educate and enlighten themselves with your shared knowledge. They must include valued seniors and people who choose to interact, give opinions and drive conversations with fellow community members and yourself. While building your individual community seems like a long-term process, what you might realize is that you already have a latent following. If done right translating this community on to more manageable online medium will actually be quite simple. Create a place where your latent thought leadership is expressed and build your individual brand via online medium.

4. Interact with your Followers from time to time

A community of like-minded individuals who interact with you, engage with your thoughts and drive a healthy conversation is what every aspiring thought leader needs. In fact, engaging with these interesting group of audiences helps you proliferate the reach of your tacit knowledge. With conversations running from time to time, you also give your followers something to ponder on and express new thoughts. This means, a sense of curiosity and respect drives them back to you and they start looking up to you as a key opinion leader.

5. Opportunities to Brand your Individual Expertise

Establishing yourself as a thought leader by sharing tacit knowledge not only gives you a sense of individual branding but also gives you a chance to take your personal brand beyond the hemispheres of the digital world. By sharing tacit knowledge with your community, you create opportunities for yourself as a key opinion leader. This naturally, gives you immense opportunities to reap tangible benefits from other forms of branding like attending conferences, seminars, book collaborations, independent project consulting etc.

The quest for knowledge has always been the driving factor for professionals, to achieve greater heights. When it comes to tacit knowledge, however, not many experts and knowledge seekers understand the nuances of it and the kind of pro’s it provides.

TacitKey is one of its kind of platform that understands these needs and addresses them. On this platform, knowledge is shared, gained and monetized among intellectuals. For more details, visit our website.

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