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December 5, 2016
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How to use Content Material from Conference to Generate Additional Income?

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Event Content Marketing – a Simple Way to Generate Additional Income

We usually think about event and planning events from a task standpoint, but let’s get this straight – there is no denying that the revenue-generating aspect to events, when leveraged properly, can create significant earnings to both businesses as well as event organizers.

Recent conferences use ways of selling merchandise, on-the-spot competitions, separate presentation booths etc. to increase revenue and engage the audience. However, an often forgotten method of increasing revenue is an effective use of the Event’s content.

Event Content is more than marketing collateral

Before comprehending with the effective use event content, let us take a look at what primarily makes for event content. We can look at event content in stages of progress of the event:

  • Pre–Event:

    During this stage, event content will comprise of success stories from previous events, profiles of Keynote Speakers, technical abstracts and write-ups about location (in cases where the event is hosted in a touristic destination or scenic spot)

  • During Event:

    This is the time when the juicy meat of content gets revealed. It is precisely during the event that bulk of technical content like attendees’ posters, speakers’ presentations, talks, panel discussions and a lot more happen and videos of these sub-events are recorded

  • Post-Event:

    The primary post-event content is feedback on the event. This includes polls, surveys and other forms of a questionnaire which your attendees have filled out. Data analysis on these responses and statistics form the crux of post-event content

Four ways for effective use of event content

Having given you a fair hint of what an Event Content encompasses, here are the four effective usages of event content.

  • Content Marketing

    This one is simple – use your pre-event and post-event content to indirectly market your event. Emphasizing on the noteworthy attendees and VIPs at your event and briefing about your success ensures another success. This will increase your registrations through direct and indirect ways and add to your revenue.

  • Video Channels

    Create a channel for your event so that you can earn revenue from video-hosting websites like Youtube, Vimeo, or similar others. Keep your channel updated with authentic videos of your conference talks, snippets of interviews of speakers and influencers, testimonials from your attendees, etc. In fact, there is no better endorsement than testimonials! Making use of channels is a great way of engaging users and generating indirect revenue

  • Webinars and Learning Series 

    During the event, create webinar series in your event app or online platform like Udemy for specified skill-based topics that add value to your event’s focus topic. A webinar or three-day learning series is an assured way to engage interested attendees who unfortunately missed your event as well as those who attended your event and wish to furthermore expand their skillsets and knowledge

  • Post Event Content Sharing

    Post completion of your event is precisely the ideal time extending opportunities for you to earn from event content. There are high possibilities that someone who is avid about attending your event had unfortunately missed. Target such individuals and cater to their longing to learn. Sell out the Speaker presentations and Recorded talks for a decent price. Use models on your event app like pay-per-download or subscription-based pricing for members and so on. Content that enhances skillsets have always got high value and often knowledge seekers will be willing to pay to keep themselves updated.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as to what potential use content can have. Whatever you do, it’s best to leverage content to generate maximum benefit for revenue and further marketing. As it is said these days “Content is King”, but one needs to know how to use it effectively.

We have more such exciting topics coming up! Stay tuned!

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