TacitAsk for Marketing Campaigns

Run targeted marketing campaigns

A creative way to capture your inattentive audience’s attention


Target. Engage. Measure.

Target the right participants for your marketing campaigns. Engage with them through your multimedia marketing content. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

How does TacitAsk help your marketing campaigns?

Through TacitAsk, reach your ideal market, productively engage with them, and measure the effectiveness of these engagements. Qualify leads based on the quality of responses and improve your conversions. Conduct targeted marketing campaigns using questionnaires based on multimedia content.

Features of TacitAsk for Marketing Campaigns

Global network

Targeted reach

Relevant professionals

Lead Capture*

Engage with leads

Superior analytics

Easy Share

Audio/Video content

Benefits of TacitAsk for Marketing Campaigns

Create an impactful marketing campaign. Achieve your marketing goals.

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