Do you aspire to be a peer-reviewer?


What is Review?

Evaluate the TacitWorks of your peers and establish yourself as a thought leader. Provide them with valuable insights and feedback. Ensure integrity of the published TacitWorks and identify invalid or false tacit knowledge.

Why should you review the works of your peers?

Review the TacitWorks of your peers to build up a global following. Improve your online reputation and gain recognition as a thought leader in your industry.Earn by sharing proceeds from TacitAdopt with the author of the specific TacitWorks.

How do you write reviews?

Critically analyze your peers’ TacitWorks for their quality and conceptual validity. Provide your feedback regarding the coherence of the arguments presented and check whether they are sufficiently backed by data. Add value to your insights by providing detailed justifications for your statements and suggest how to improve their works.

How do you earn by providing peer-reviews?

Become the top reviewer based on upvotes received for your review from other knowledge-seekers and increase your earnings. Earn every time the TacitWorks is adopted by a top brand and share proceeds from TacitAdopt with the author.

Review the works of your peers. Accelerate innovation.

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