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Diagnostics is crucial and plays a huge role in proper medical decisions. Diagnostics help not only to improve the quality of treatment but also enable the doctors to be aware of the underlying conditions of patients and thus provide better treatment in a timely manner.

Diagnostic industry is the biggest and fast growing segment in the healthcare sector. Accurate disease identification results in effective treatment and reduces the healthcare cost of the patients.

The new generation of diagnostics like genomics, proteomics, nucleic acid diagnostics  have improved the understanding of pathogen biology.

What are the recent advancements in diagnostics? What are the trends in the diagnostic industry? Let us explore the recent TacitWorks published by  healthcare professionals on TacitKey.

Diagnostic Revolutions

Published on: 2018/05/29
Zoya Brar

The field of medical microbiology has taken several leaps to allow pathologists to diagnose infectious diseases and the pathogens causing them to a great detail. Rapid advances in immunology, molecular biology and chemistry have together made possible highly multiplexed assays which can determine the specific causes of a patient’s infectious disease through specimens of the blood, urine, sputum as well as stools.

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Diagnostic Industry In India: Growth & Challenges

Published on: 2017/06/03
Dr. Arjun Dang

The Indian diagnostic sector is rapidly growing and extremely versatile. The top companies are constantly churning out state of the art technologies and novel players are emerging at a fleeting rate. In the recent past, corporates including multinational pharma companies have added to this whirlwind because of the mirage of lucrativeness.

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Latest Technological Advancement In Radiology

Published on: 2018/07/20
Dr. Saket Rupramka

Intensive care medicine also referred as ‘critical care medicine’ is a specialty concerned with the management of critically ill patients who are at-risk, or have developed potentially life-threatening failure of any of the body organ systems. It is a specialty involving the holistic care of all aspects of critically ill patients.

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Diagnostic Ultrasound: An Effective Tool For Physiotherapists

Published on: 2018/05/28
Dr. Mauris Lebret, Dr. Anthony Demont & Dr. Ayumeric Le Neindre

In many pathological situations, the physiotherapist needs accurate assessment tools to propose the most suitable treatment. Ultrasound was found to be an accurate and reproducible tool compared to conventional tests.

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Review the incidence, symptoms and presenting signs of PE. To learn about clinical prediction models and also to learn about different diagnostic methods and diagnostic algorithms.

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Primary Progressive Aphasia

Published on: 2017/12/29
Dr. Porselvi

A brief introduction to primary progressive aphasia with special reference to semantic dementia.

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