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Tacit knowledge includes your experiences, observations, and intuitions that have defined your career. Publish your opinions, insights, and ideas in textual/audio/video formats as TacitWorks. Record, instantly upload your conference presentations, surgical videos, or innovative surgical procedures and create an impact. Provide valuable feedback to your peers by reviewing their TacitWorks and increase your earnings.

Benefits of publishing your tacit knowledge on TacitKey

Earn More

Your knowledge, your price! Publish your tacit knowledge, review the TacitWorks of your peers and create alternate sources of income.

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Publish your tacit knowledge and get your TacitWorks endorsed by top pharmaceutical and healthcare brands.

Host webinars

Inspire your peers by hosting engaging webinars. Get recognized as a global expert in your niche.

Engage better

TacitKey’s proprietary algorithm ensures that your content reaches the right audience, resulting in increased engagement.

Initiate collaborations

Initiate collaborative discussions with like-minded healthcare professionals by reviewing their works.

Improve networking

Engage with your peers from all over the world and find solutions to real-world issues.

Gather insights

Browse through our vast collection of works shared by your peers and gain valuable insights.

Be a thought leader

Express your opinions by publishing them, reviewing the works of your peers, positioning yourself as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and gain global recognition.

Become a global thought leader. Make an impact!

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