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Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA)

Asia Regulatory Professional Association (ARPA) is an association for regulatory professionals in Asia.

Since its establishment in 2010, ARPA has been making huge strides in raising the standard of regulatory professionals through organizing training activities, raising awareness about the impact of medical regulation, education, inter-agency collaborations, and publishing.

ARPA strives to establish a global standard for regulatory professionals and help regulatory professionals in Asia achieve recognition through the exchange of ideas and establishing collaborations with government agencies, academia, and corporations.

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What is ARPA?

Established on 1st January 2010, ARPA is involved in:

Enabling regulatory training activities

Practicing good practice sharing

Rewarding students for exceptional performance in regulatory practice

Raising the bar of professionalism amongst regulatory professionals

What does a regulatory professional do?

Regulatory professionals contribute towards the:

Formulation of regulatory strategies

Providing regulatory support to cross-functional teams

Ensuring all the regulatory requirements are incorporated

Responding to regulatory authorities in a timely and appropriate manner

How does ARPA help regulatory professionals?

ARPA helps their members by fostering an environment of learning, networking, and empowering their members to build a career of professional excellence that surpasses the existing global standards.

ARPA enables their members to build and strengthen relationships with governmental agencies, academic experts, and leading industrialists in an effort to:

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