TacitKey is inspired from

“Tacit Knowledge Empowers You!”

TacitKey enables professionals to share and monetize their tacit knowledge

Tacit knowledge includes skills, experience, observations, and ideas that they have accumulated throughout their careers. Tacit knowledge is more powerful than your resume! TacitKey provides professionals with multiple opportunities to monetize their expertise and knowledge. This differentiates TacitKey from all the other professional networks.

TacitKey also encourages efficient knowledge transfer by recognizing, facilitating, and rewarding the knowledge flow between professionals and organizations. TacitKey amplifies the crucial role played by tacit knowledge in achieving business goals. TacitKey helps businesses to identify and invest in the future experts to accomplish their business objectives

TacitKey’s logo depicts the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, which symbolizes the empowering nature of tacit knowledge. Sharing tacit knowledge is the ‘key’ to unlocking your true potential.

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