Powering the tacit knowledge economy for professionals

Publish. Inspire. Earn.

TacitKey enables professionals to publish and monetize their tacit knowledge. Showcasing tacit knowledge helps professionals to avail of exclusive earning opportunities, accelerate innovation, and reshape the global knowledge economy.

TacitKey features over 250,000 users globally from Healthcare, Life Science, Legal, and Finance industries. TacitKey helps businesses identify and invest in upcoming thought leaders for market research, innovation, and targeted marketing to achieve their objectives.

TacitKey validates the expertise of professionals based on their unique tacit knowledge and matches them with multiple personalized earning opportunities. These earning opportunities in the form of publishing, mentoring, and consulting, can help them monetize their knowledge as well as elevate their professional brand value.

TacitKey is a global business with revenues from subscriptions, advertisements, and customized business solutions for corporates.

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