Maxillary Denture: Lightweight Hollow Maxillary Complete Denture

Published on: 2018/08/30


Patient reported to the department of prosthodontics for replacement of old worn dentures.

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Dentures are the most convenient and preferred solution for senior people as it is the most cost-effective ways of sorting out the dental issues. Dentures are easy to use and a very simple solution for restoring teeth as well as the look of a person.

Dentures are carefully crafted by considering factors like stability, retention, and support. Without any one of these basic factors, the whole purpose of inserting a denture gets defeated.

What is a complete maxillary denture?

Maxillary is the upper arch of the dental cavity. Complete dentures are used by people who have missing teeth in both the arches or a single arch either the maxillary arch (upper arch) or the mandibular arch (lower). Complete dentures are conventional or immediate based on when it is made. Dentures that are immediately worn after removal of all the teeth are immediate dentures. The gums shrink after a few days of the removal of teeth. So, these dentures might require relining or rebasing.

What are the types of dentures?

There are four types of dentures:

  1. Complete denture – as explained above
  2. Removable partial dentures – it is used by patients who have some missing teeth.
  3. Copy denture – It is a replica of a denture that a person has, usually kept as a standby. It is mainly made for senior patients.

Hollow maxillary complete denture

Retention, support, and stability are the three principles for the success of complete denture. A prosthodontist should apply these principles depending on the needs of the patients. For patients with resorbed ridges which are narrow and constricted with more interridge space, the retention, support, and stability of the denture become difficult. The weight of the denture further adds to the discomfort.

For patients with resorbed arches with increased interridge distance, the retention of the prosthesis gets reduced if they use a heavy maxillary complete denture. A hollow lightweight denture is a solution for patients with resorbed maxillary edentulous ridges.

In this report, Dr. Sherin Babu describes a simple technique of fabricating a hollow maxillary complete denture.

Do Dentures look natural?

In order to look natural, should match with the color of your gums. Dentures may feel odd and uncomfortable at the beginning. Eventually, when the tongue and the cheek muscles get used to it, then there may not be any discomfort. Generally, it takes a month to get used to dentures. Dentures can last up to five to eight years with proper care. With usage, they may get worn out and there may be several changes in the gum structure.